Brock Frost

Brock Frost

Team Leader - Mortgage Agent
(613) 316-8740

Brock started his career as a real estate investor in 2011 and quickly bought 20 properties over a 3-year span using a variety of creative financing techniques. He is a licensed Real Estate Broker, registered Mortgage Agent and the Founder and Chief Financial Officer of Capitis Mortgage Investment Corp, a private equity mortgage company located in Ottawa, Ontario. More info on this company can be found at

On a personal level, Brock is an avid traveler having visited 84 countries to date, speaks fluent Spanish, holds a Bachelor Degree from Queen’s University in Economics and his currently completing his Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics at Carleton University.

In the fall of 2018, Frost also published his first book titled, “The Investor Mindset”, which outlines the ups and downs he experienced in his personal life and how he used these lessons to be build a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio. His book can be found at

Brock can be contacted directly at 613.316.8740 or through his personal website at

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